Rhetoric in Grammar

I thought yesterday’s class regarding grammar was interesting because it totally relates to rhetoric. Adjusting the level of grammar you’re using to your audience is just another persuasive technique. By using a familiar type of grammar, you can make you’re audience feel comfortable. When writing a blog, like I am now, I feel less restricted in my grammar usage and language. For a narrative, it is a more relaxed piece of writing. For that type of writing, it is not necessary to have perfect grammar otherwise it will come off as too formal.

When writing a paper for a class, I feel more inclined to make sure my grammar is as formal as possible. I want to be professional and use my best grammar. For a paper for my science courses, I need to use a specific grammar and type of writing to fit that need. When I write a research paper, I need to use specific jargon to appeal to the audience. By appealing to the audience, I am further using rhetoric.

You can even relate rhetoric in grammar in everyday speech. I speak completely differently depending on if I am speaking to my friends, my parents or grandparents, or my professors. When speaking to my friends, it is similar to narrative, informal writing. Which makes sense because if I am writing a narrative I am generally basing it to a informal audience, as I do when I am speaking. When speak to my bosses or professors, I have a more formal language to try to relate to them, similar to formal writing.


One thought on “Rhetoric in Grammar

  1. I like how you compared the grammar you used in your narrative paper to the grammar you have to use when writing papers for your science classes! That is a really interesting comparison because it also plays into the aspect of rhetoric talked about in the first chapter of our book, which was the importance of focusing on your specific audience. Knowing who you are talking to is important in order to be persuasive in effective ways. An example in my schooling that I can think of related to this topic is that of the rhetoric and grammar I use when talking to my students during my field placements versus my rhetoric and grammar when talking to my professors in class. As you can imagine, it is very different and is meant specifically for each audience!

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