Rhetoric within science

I believe that rhetoric can be found and used within sciences only to a certain extent. For sone topics within science, researches, professors and scientists themselves are able to present information in such a method that people will just listen to these professionals and take the opinion that was presented or implied  by the professional. There’s not many topics within science do to the fact that most information within science is in fact, factual.

What attracted me the most to becoming a science major was the fact that the majority of things taught within science is factual. In no way am I stating that all the scientific objectives, observations and information that we learn are pure fact, but I do believe that science is one of the main foundations of our entire world. Without the environment and our earth laid down millions of years ago, our society and culture would not exist. This is not me being bias whatsoever, I truly have always believed in  this idea even before any interest in my major. Without our earth and solar system, our world would not exist today. With that being said, as the foundation of our world was laid down, this is where finance, business, history, art and all other subjects and topics come into place. However, I believe that without sustainability of our environment, our earth would simply not exist. Buildings would not be able to be built on our land and animals would not having their own habitats. Without sustained habitats our food would not exist and humans would not be able to live as they have been for the past thousand of years

I often attempt to explain this to people that ask me the question “what are you gonna do with that major?”. I believe that many people are just too ignorant and lazy to take the time to understand specific topics- even ones that are most essential. To take the time, just a mere 10 minutes- to learn about our environment and the cause and effects of climate change, can change someone’s viewpoint and opinion on the topic due to the fact that they’ve gained a deeper understand.

With all being said, I do not believe that science is 100% truth and facts. But I do believe that it’s one of the topics closest to it and it’s an essential for everyone to have at least a brief understanding of it.


One thought on “Rhetoric within science

  1. Just like you, I’ve always been a science/math person because I love facts. I have always had a hard time with English because it’s up for interpretation and theres no right or wrong way to do things. That being said, rhetoric does play into science. I think especially with your major and the climate, relaying facts with rhetoric is so important. Because some people do not “believe” in climate change, it is imperative to portray facts in a strategic way to sway their perspective. But in the end, I agree with you. Facts are facts and science is science.

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