Just Google It

In class yesterday, we discussed if Google was making us stupid. At first thought, I couldn’t fathom the idea that a tool that brings the knowledge of the world to our fingertips, could possibly hinder us. At a deeper glance however, I realize that this question is not so ridiculous.

College students of today have the power of knowledge with the press of a button any time, any place that they desire so. One would think that this would make us incredibly smart compared to students before modern technology, but that is hardly the case. To me, the issue is that college students today aren’t retaining information like students of the past. We ‘Google’ something, find the result that we want, jot it down, and forget it until we need to look it up again. There is no reason to reinforce information because it is not necessary to us. I don’t think that college students are lazy, but utilize the tools that give the bare minimum of the information we need. Many people today don’t go the extra mile unless absolutely necessary, and I don’t blame them one bit. We live in a society that craves results, no matter the means to do so. This leads to long sleepless nights, performing, and then forgetting the information that was needed for that test. Personally, i think if our society valued the process, rather than just the results, we would have a much ‘smarter’ generation.



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