Is Google making us stupid?

Google is changing the way we think. To say it’s making us stupid is not fully accurate. I personally feel like I don’t need to fully memorize anything these days because I can always google the information. Even professors these days will not make us memorize things like dates or the elements on the periodic table “because you can always google it”.

That being said, I think we are also smarter with google. We are learning more and more everyday because we have an immediate answer to any question on our minds. Before google, people may have questioned certain things, and were too lazy to look it up or could not find the answer in a specific book. Now that is not the case. People can aimlessly search for anything on the Internet.

I think the worst part of google is that the Internet has a lot of false information. As mentioned in class, a common site to use is Wikipedia because it’s always one of the first hits. Wikipedia is a site where you can alter the information on any given page regarding a certain topic. Because people are lazy, they choose the first thing that google presents- which normally is Wikipedia.

This lack of searching and sense of entitlement for information is a problem in our generation. Instead of making us stupid, it’s making us lazy. Instead of searching in books for answers, all it takes is a click of a button, which can be a blessing and a curse.


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