Is Google Making us Stupid?

In class we opened up the topic of whether or not Google is making us stupid. Modern culture relies so heavily on having a wealth of information at our fingertips that we take for granted the importance of actually having knowledge. In many instances, I believe that Google may in fact be making us stupid. However, if used correctly, I think it is an amazing resource and can actually help to make us more intelligent.

When used in a proper way, Google can enhance our knowledge and can open up a world of possibilities to us. Older generations used to have to go to the library for hours and spend time searching for the answer to a single question, whereas now we can take 30 seconds out of our day and have an answer to any possible question we could think of. In this respect, Google is definitely a positive tool and provides us with knowledge in a much more timely manner. Additionally, using Google to thoroughly search and find reputable sources enhances our intelligence. For example, Google Scholar is a good way to ensure that the use of Google is beneficial due to the use of reputable sources and scholarly journal articles.

On the other hand, in many ways I do believe that Google is making us stupid when used improperly. Many people get lazy and will just use the first link that comes up in response to a search. More often than not, Wikipedia is the first page that will come up, and many people will automatically consult this even though it is not a reputable source. This could lead to us obtaining inaccurate information, which would be a component of Google making us stupid.

Google is an amazing resource, but if not used correctly, it can do more harm than help. It’s important for people to understand what constitutes a reputable source off Google and to obtain information accordingly. If this is done, then the possibilities Google gives to us are endless, and it can help us become more intelligent with so much information ready at our disposal.


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