Is google making us stupid

Yesterday in class we discussed the question “Is google making us stupid?” Nicholas Carr explained it within his well written piece.

I do not believe google is making us stupid. I genuinely believe that there is so much information out in the world that every single person can learn and continue to learn whether it’s a familiar topic or not. However, I do believe that there is so much excess information out in the world that simply is unnecessary and not true. When you type a word into google, millions of links are found. The first couple of pages are always the most helpful but as you get further into each founded page, the searches begin to get more irrelevant and further from the researched topic.

It is so easy to get lost in a sea of information when there is so much of it. There are pros and cons to this as stated early, one of the cons being that you may end up gathering information that is simply false. However, a pro to this wide range of information is that there is so much of it, it is so easy to gain so much knowledge at the click of a button- literally. Once that search button is pressed, all information written about this word or topic from all over the world, is combined into one space that’s easily accessible. That is simply MINDBLOWING.

In class a peer explained that google is so resourceful, more people should use it to their advantage. I completely agree. As I’ve stated in other posts, i think every person should learn at least a little bit of new information each day. It takes 5 minutes to gain a better understanding about a topic and to have this search engine in our world is outstanding and is not making us stupid. If anything, it’s making people more knowledgeable which is always needed in our world.

One thought on “Is google making us stupid

  1. I agree with you that google definitely helps people by condensing useful information, and streamlining the way to access it. It could potentially be argued that it makes people smarter because they are more likely to learn with the information so readily available.
    But I think that its making us dumber in the sense of what information it gives back to us. More often than not, online sources are not as in depth as print or inter-personal instruction. Even if written at a high or professional level, the sources are often much shorter than other mediums of information. This means we do not gain the other background information we would find in other sources, or the mental practice of processing or prioritizing the other information to find the answer we need.

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