I got a pocket, got a pocket full of…?

The conversation of “is google making people stupid” is often looked at with a lot of biased. When I think of google, I think of opportunities to become self-taught in a multitude of areas. Yesterday we touched on gen-ed classes and how at the end of the day students take the classes to become a more well rounded person—and this could start another conversation about those that do not have the privilege of attending university—but youtube presents the opportunity for those to learn things that actually interest you. Thanks to google a person can become an artist (Bob Ross) and learn to play an instrument, learn how to cook, learn how to take better care of yourself and can become a better you. You can learn how to take better care of your hair, skin, nails; how to eat healthier and exercise. Google, when used to its full potential, can be life changing and per with the current educational system. I think that people often time use google so we don’t have to remember the small stuff. Someone yesterday brought up the fact that they use google look up a telephone number or small info and thats what its used for more frequently than the transformative powers that it have. Google has the potential to change a person entire life and outlook so, is google making us stupid? Absolutely not.


One thought on “I got a pocket, got a pocket full of…?

  1. I have to say that I could not agree more ! I absolutely agree that Google is a tool for finding and providing information. The reader is who decides how we use that information, or if they use it at all.
    I think that Google simply presents us with unlimited access to information across endless subjects and fields. But people growing inherently lazy and refuse to do the proper research and combing through of information required in order to produce a sound conclusion.
    A great example of this was something brought up in class earlier this week. Someone mentioned that if someone were to search for causes for a medical condition or side effects of vaccinations the popular links would highlight a majority answer of ‘no’. Which they argued is wrong. However, if one were to do the proper research and look for credible sources, they would see that you could come to an alternative, and in this instance correct, decision. People are just unwilling to utilize all the resources presented to them and do the necessary work because they’re caught up in the contemporary value of immediacy, which in turn directly affects the quality and validity of their work.

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