Does google make us dumber?

Does google make us dumber? This is an interesting question because it seems like an easy answer. How can google make us dumber if it is giving us information and knowledge that we may not be able to find or access in other places? However, if we compare finding information from google to how people used to find information it seems that it could be hindering individuals intellectuality more than helping. Google is a great place to get quick information; where we can look up a quick fact or even just check the weather. On the other hand, we can do deep research, find great sources and explore new ideas. I do believer that google opens the door to new perspective and ideas. It may show someone something that they didn’t think of in the first place.For example, google takes each individual word searched and finds websites that contain those same keywords. This is an interesting way of searching because it broadens the search. Instead of looking for the specific answer to our question, we are linked to information and each and every aspect of the question. I do not think that google is making us dumber, that is something I’ll say now and in a few days I could change my mind but for right now I do not think I have enough support to show that it is making us dumber. I see google as a resource and a tool. Rather than the sole place to look it is an addition place to look for information. Yes, some people only use google and this makes those individuals used to using shortcuts rather than going through information thoroughly.  This approach may only make the person less knowledgeable but not dumber. I like to see the glass half full. Rather than google making people dumber, I would like to say that using google only makes people more knowledgeable if using it correctly.  If one does not use it correctly than they are not gaining all the knowledge that they can – it is not hindering their knowledge in anyway though.


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