Switch dat code, girl! : A commentary on code switching

We use code switching each and everyday, especially in the African American community and other minority groups. Code switching is the  the practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation. AAVE is essentially another language. Often those who speak another language code switch as well. To be a successful code switcher you have to know the rhetorical situation – audience, purpose, content. Its the difference between speaking to your friends and family than speaking to your boss or coworkers. Its how you talk in different social situations and what you’re trying to say. How is code switching rhetorically significant?  Well rhetoric is often described as the rhetoric of persuasion, code switching is used and code switching, when done properly, will emphasize a certain part of an argument which can make the argument more persuasive.

Maya angelou is a great rhetorician and noticeable uses code switching often in her writing to make for a more persuasive argument and to emphasize a point in her invitation writing pieces. As well as isabelle allende and several other writers who use code switching rhetorically.


One thought on “Switch dat code, girl! : A commentary on code switching

  1. Daviya, I completely agree with this point! I think that code switching is an important skill to have under one’s belt. However, I never thought about people who speak a different language being able to code switch (you learn something new everyday!). I liked that you mentioned Maya Angelou as being a great rhetorician, which is prevalent throughout her work.

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