Is Google making us stupid?

While some people may believe Google makes us stupid, I believe Google can make us whatever we use it for. Some people can form false opinions, or uneducated beliefs because they do not do research with credible resources. An example of this is the Anti-Vaccination movement. Many parents who are against vaccinations can do a simple Google search in their favor (vaccinations cause autism facts) and immediately come up with a multitude of resources that prove their theory right. Unfortunately, that is a very pointed search where facts can be skewed in their favor. However, if they would do any more than that research, they would realize that basically everything they are reading was false.


Google can be advantageous if the user chooses to use the information correctly and do proper research instead of basing their opinion on one or two incorrect articles. However, you can also find credible, reliable sources on Google. There are many peer reviewed articles on Google scholar and there are many .org / .gov websites that provide accurate, fact-based information. Additionally, even if the user chooses to use a simple .com (that is not Wikipedia, and there are proper citations and credible sources where the author got that information, it can definitely be used as an educational tool.


2 thoughts on “Is Google making us stupid?

  1. I completely agree- I believe that Google is a perfectly creditable resource if used wisely. No matter how “intelligent” a person is believed to be, there is always a little More knowledge to be gained. If used correctly, Google is the perfect place to gain this knowledge, if the credibility is there.

  2. I think the thesis of your argument brings up an interesting point; that people get out of Google whatever they try to put into it. For me, I think this has a slight positive spin to it because people who truly want to learn can. They can find answers to any question they have, and find sources that can correctly teach them the information they seek. However, I feel that the majority of people use Google to find sources to back up their terrible arguments/ideas. They search for sources that use questionable/falsified data, out of date science, incredibly biased news sources, and (in some cases) articles that are complete lies. But since the information was found using Google the article must be valid. Too many people think that by providing a source on their shit Facebook argument their point is validated. But that is not the case because all sites found using Google are not created equally and not all hold any merit when used in an argument.

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