Google: Good or bad?

Today in class we answered a question about whether google makes us stupid. It was based on an article by Nicholas Carr that we read in preparation for class. Personally, I think that google makes us lazy but it doesn’t make us stupid. Google is an outlet, a tool, a method for finding information. We are responsible for what we then choose to do with that information. We are who decides how we interpret it, use it, and distribute it to others. The platform itself, google, simply allows for an unlimited access to information across endless subjects and fields. The key is that once the information is searched or found, it then falls to the individuals to decide how to use it or whether to use it at all.

For example, if someone googled how to treat a disease they would get a ton of results and it could be true that some of them could be wrong. Again, the platform presents you with a breadth of information, multiple pages worth, of diverse information that you have to sort through. The reason for this specific example is that may would argue that since a number of results may come up with wrong information or might highlight a certain answer, that doesn’t make the search engine responsible for your deduction. Furthermore, if you get your results, it is then your responsibility to sit down and comb through the credible and less than credible sites and information. You use the platform to gain access to information, but then you form your own opinion, own deduction based off of it. On any given topic, especially one of great importance where you need accuracy, you should do research and extensive examining of the topic. One should not simply search something take the first answer they see and then blame the search engine for being wrong. Ignorance is no excuse.


2 thoughts on “Google: Good or bad?

  1. I completely agree with your interpretation of this question. While Google is a tremendous resource, it must be used correctly to be able to reach its full potential. Unfortunately, it is more natural in today’s society to seek instant gratification; one search, one click, and people tend to go no further. They automatically take their first find as fact and, while that can be reliable in many instances, it is not always the best course of action.

  2. Great point you bring up here! I think its funny how you can point to that if we google how to treat a disease that you will get results and some of them may be wrong. Alternatively, you can google how to treat a disease and some of those results may be correct, now after a 10 minute google search you now have the same knowledge as someone who has been studying for years. Doesn’t that sound quite genius? In a 10 min google search I can go from knowing nothing to knowing a little bit of everything. I think that it can be misused —of course—and people can use it lazily when presented with 100 sheets of results —the first answer on the first page is rarely correct— but if they were to put in the work the knowledge that could be gained from google is insurmountable. Now how can something with all that power actually be making us stupid? Plus, google reminds me constantly of events and birthdays that I would have never knew about just by changing the design of the ‘google’ on the homepage. how lovely.

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