Uffizi Gallery

Before going to the Uffizi Gallery, I would have never thought that I would have loved it as much as I had. I’ve never considered myself to be an artistic person and I’ve never had a real understanding of the way art communicates with us.  After seeing the sculptures and pantings in the art gallery and after hearing all that Isabelle, our tour guide, had to say about the pieces, I have a new appreciation for art.

Just like documents these pieces of art are pieces of history that tell us so much more then words can.  We get to see the beauty, feel the emotions, capture the various colors and see the depth that the picture holds.  Isabelle and her explanations allowed me to look deeper into the painting and see its true meaning.  There were many pieces that made me feel something, either compassion or a calm feeling. Bottticelli’s Primavera must have been my favorite painting. From the moment I saw it I was captured in the moment and felt a sense of comfort wash over me.

Like Isabelle touched on, the transparency in the clothing and the way Spring is shown coming to life, made the painting feel so real.  I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to see all that is in the Uffizi Gallery and gain a better perspective in what art of the modern renaissance was meant to portray.  All the sights and art in Florence put me in awe of the beauty and meaning that come from this creative expression.


One thought on “Uffizi Gallery

  1. I completely agree with you Lindsey. I feel like many people don’t grasp a full understanding and love for art, which is OK because everyone has their own opinion. However, I believe that once a person has the opportunity to visit one of the most famous museums containing some of the most famous art in the world, this opinion of theirs will change. I too did not realize how much art and different pieces whether the artwork is a sculpture, a piece of writing or a painting, can express different meaning and objectives in so many different ways!

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