Michaelangelo’s David

Although Michaelangelo’s David, is so beautiful and indescribable, the fact that my classmates and I were able to have the opportunity to visit easily one of the most famous pieces of art in the world is simply surreal and hard to grasp hold of. Walking around an exhibit filled with some of the most famous pieces of artwork is simply breathtaking and even if one does not necessarily fully understand the deeper analysing of a piece, just the fact that they are there in the same vicinity of the piece unbelievable.

As we made our way directly to Michaelangelo’s David, the first thought that popped into my head was how large the piece of art truly was. Isabel began to point out particular details to us such as David’s enlarged hands, feet and neck, Michaelangelo’s decision to make David’s pupils heart-shaped for specific reasons. She even shared the parts and details of David that were most intriguing of her. However, the most intriguing part to me was not how large the statue was, not the fact that Michaelangelo was only in his late 20’s, but the fact that these small details and imperfections are such large roles as to why this piece of art is so famous. As cliche as it sounds, these imperfections are what make the sculpture of David, David.

The day after we visited David, I sent some photos to my friend I met at work over the summer due to the fact that he has an obsession with Michaelangelo. Coincidentally enough, He sent me a link to a New York Times article written August of 2016, where the author discuss the popularity, imperfections and his overall obsession with Michaelangelo’s David. It’s pretty intriguing and shines a new light on David that one may not be able to think of on their own.



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