Rhetoric in Art

I thought our tour with Isabella through the Uffizi Gallery was incredible. I learned so much about the time period and religion in such a short span of time. I felt as though seeing the art gave me an understanding of the time period, even more so than reading history textbooks in high school. I always thought to myself that I was not much of an “art person,” but after that tour, I felt like I learned how to interpret art how we interpret literature. I found our class discussion that day also very interesting regarding education. It makes total sense that art was so prevalent in that era due to the lack of education. Because so many people were illiterate, books were not common. Art was common, to appeal to the illiterate audience.

I think reading art has become a lost art, in many ways. We are not raised with art, and not taught to think in those creative ways any more. It is more common for us to discover rhetoric in text versus in art. However, I wonder if we grew up being taught the rhetoric of art, we would understand rhetoric in text even more thoroughly. I also wonder why we don’t interpret art more throughout schooling, as a way of teaching history, because as I said before, I learned much more than ever before.


One thought on “Rhetoric in Art

  1. I definitely agree with the fact that reading art has become lost. The public school system in America is often so focused on science and mathematics that the arts tend to be lost in the shuffle. However, I believe that art is a beautiful and inspiring thing that should be observed and appreciated more.

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