Rhetoric and Adolescents

We spent a good amount of time the other day talking about powerful women writers, specifically J.K. Rowling and the incredible world she created throughout her books. I may be a bit biased, but I believe J.K. Rowling has a solid understanding of rhetoric and uses it in so many strategic ways, whether we even realize it or not.

There are numerous fan websites that scrutinize every possible theme the author of the Harry Potter series could have been going for throughout each story, ranging from the issue of racism to the cliché issues that come with growing up. J.K. Rowling has an amazing talent for using her rhetoric in a way that draws millions of readers into her created world and makes them never want to leave. She shapes her story in a way that really speaks to adolescents because Harry grows up and faces many of the same challenges as any other teenagers. In this way, she knows her audience and caters her rhetoric in a way that keeps them interested. One of the first things about rhetoric I learned from the book was that it is important to know your audience and shape your language in a way that will please them and keep them engaged.

It really can’t be argued that J.K. Rowling used her power of rhetoric to create a series that is celebrated all over the world, showing just how powerful language can be.


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