An open invitation

Invitational rhetoric is essentially described as is an invitation to understanding as a means to create a relationship rooted in equality, immanent value, and self—determination. Invitational rhetoric constitutes an invitation to the audience to enter the rhetor’s world and to see it as the rhetor does. When thinking about the fact that women have been inventors of invitational rhetoric, it makes sense. As long as there is inequality of the sexes, women will continue to use invitational rhetoric to invite the audience into the rhetor’s world and to create a relationship rooted in equality. Great women rhetor’s of today— Maya angelou, Issabelle allende, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama,  to name a few— still use invitational rhetoric (despite perhaps stating otherwise, in class.) Often times this rhetoric is looked upon as passive, but too till associate women with passiveness in 2017 in rhetorically retarded because now we can —and do— say as we please. But the use of the rhetoric serves a purpose and thats for the audience to see this problem/situation as I do. This rhetoric, although started by women, has been used by men as well to talk about the plight of a people —Martin Luther King, Junot Diaz— and will continue to be used as long as their in inequality.


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