Older Cultures Vs. Modern American Culture

It was really interesting to reflect on culture today in class.  I wonder how America so quickly jumped to such a technologically advanced and fast paced country.  It seems that in the United States we have everything imaginable. I walk into a store and I have endless options for anything I need. For example, when our whole class was plagued with food poisoning we walked into a pharmacy and struggled to find anything that would help our stomachs.  We finally found a medicine similar to Tums but it seemed to be the one type of stomach medicine in the whole store.  This, of course, is just my own experience in Rome so far.  I recently watched a documentary on Minimalism.  It basically explained that the more you have, the more you have to take care of and the more you have to worry about.  I see in American culture that we have so much – so many options and more than we need.  For example, my mom goes into Wal-Mart and cant decide what toilet paper to get, what cereal the kids like, what paper towel brand has the best deals; this all creates a strain on her shopping experiences and ultimately stressed her out – the long lines, people and crowded isles only elevate this stress. It seems that in America, everything is so fast paced because there is so much to do and that is because we have too many options.  From my experience, a day in Rome is waking up, smiling at a familiar face, walking where you need to go (no worries of car troubles), drinking a simple but delicious coffee at a normal café (rather than Starbucks messing up your, venti grande frappe mocha fancy drink) and heading off to do what is only necessary to be done for that day – the rest can be enjoyed.  In America we seem to be overwhelmed with the choices and how to make the most use out of them all, instead of finding the upmost joy in simpler things.


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