Truthful Knowledge V.S. Public Opinion

Today in class we began our discussion by touching upon the idea of truth v.s argument and how these two ideas may or may not be relevant to each other. Many peers explained that a specific argument needed to have ‘truth’ or ‘facts’ in  order to be effective. By being effective, this argument needs to have a certain rhetoric and propose this argument with particular truth towards the directed audience, having them agree with this argument and looking down on the opposing one. I completely agree with this claim and I believe you can take this ‘truth v.s. argument’ into consideration throughout our every day lives as well as in a more general environment such as the country as a whole.

As our class moved forward from truth v.s. argument, we began to discuss another topic that had some relevancy to the primary one, and that was the relationship between truthful knowledge v.s. public opinion. I touched upon this topic briefly, stating in a broader sense that when a person is more knowledgable about a topic or subject than another person, it becomes ‘easier’ to have a certain opinion about this topic. When a person is less knowledgable about a topic, they may just listen to what they hear from their peers or from the rest of their country via news and social media. To obtain truthful knowledge would be to gather the proven facts on a topic and being able to form an argument about this topic. However, having a public opinion about a specific topic would suggest that a person may not take into consideration these facts about the subject, regardless of whether they are true or not.

To get into a more specific topic I began to discuss the idea that many people around the world do not believe in the progression of ‘Climate Change’. In the documentary ‘Before the Flood’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio where he travels the world to many different countries, both the wealthy and the poor, he touches upon the idea that many people around the world do not believe climate change and global warming is real. That being said, these people that have this public opinion most likely come from countries who seem to not “be as effected” by global warming than others such as various third world countries. Coming from a major whose entire study is developing solutions to sustain the environment and help climate change regress, I believe that this public opinion is led by the absence of listening to the truths and facts about climate change, and how it is effecting every single person around the globe. Taking the time to learn the facts and truth about a topic is what truthful knowledge is about.


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