Truth vs Argument

Much like rhetoric does not need to be tied to persuasion, truth is not married to argument. Rhetoric is an element of your persuasive point and, likewise, truth then is an element of the argument you make. Truth is needed to make an effective argument. However, an argument can be successful without being effective and vise versa. In order for an argument to be effective, it would mean that you gain the support of the other party and switch his or her point of view to match your own. On the other hand, for an argument to be successful, truth must be present. Your argument can be successful without swaying someone to your side.

Sometimes, the way that you structure and present your argument becomes more important than the truth. Truth can be a relative term when it comes to argument because that can open the debate between true knowledge versus public opinion. When thinking about public opinion or even personal opinion, rhetoric and structure are much more important than actual truth. Believing something is true can be important, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t form an effective argument using the art of rhetoric. A good example can be found through social media arguments. Arguments on that platform often times don’t even make a whole lot of sense because the people presenting them don’t put a lot of work into the rhetoric.


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