Rhetoric in Today’s Education

In our first lecture, Professor McCamley brought up the question, “Should rhetoric be at the cornerstone of education?” This question certainly made me think about my educational experience with rhetoric, as I began to form an opinion on the topic. Many points were brought up about the expansive presence of rhetoric in our everyday lives as well as in our future. The discussion began pointing to the conclusion, which I came to agree with, that rhetoric should in fact be at the foundation of our education.

Personally, I feel as though rhetoric is something that is expected of students, however it is no often formally taught. Although I had previously been required to write persuasive papers, or direct a piece to a certain audience, the concept of rhetoric and the understanding of its history was not formally introduced to me until college.

People today often argue that millennials don’t care about current events and politics. Perhaps this is because there is an overwhelming amount of information available to us at our finger tips. Without formal education on rhetoric, we are sent into this world of information without the proper tools to fully understand what is being said as well as the intention behind why it is being said. Without this, it can become overwhelming to determine fact from fiction.

With politics becoming increasingly media driven, it could be beneficial to look to the past and the foundations of rhetoric. By establishing a more thorough teaching of rhetorical concepts in our educational systems, future generations can better understand the intention behind media news and become better equipped to make informed decisions.


One thought on “Rhetoric in Today’s Education

  1. I agree that rhetoric should be taught in school. I particularly liked when Amanda talked about the fact that knowing and utilizing rhetoric is expected of us, however it is never formally taught. It seems unfair that such a skill should be an expectation of students without every instructing them on proper techniques. Rhetoric is a practical skill that everyone needs in their everyday lives. Teaching students the art of rhetoric at school would help to make them more assertive and would better prepare them for their futures. I also strongly agree with Amanda’s point that learning about rhetoric can help students better understand the intention of media news and thus make them make more informed decisions. If students are aware of the tactics of persuasion and rhetoric, they will be able to recognize if they are being manipulated or taken advantage of.

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