Rhetoric in the Educational System

I was shocked to hear in class that a significant number of people believe rhetoric should be cut out of our education system. Every time we engage in a conversation where our thoughts or emotions are involved with the goal of influence, we are engaging in rhetoric. Clearly, this type of talk is a huge component in most people’s every day lives, which is why I believe rhetorical studies should remain in the education system. As stated in the textbook, “rhetoric achieves clarity, awakening our sense of beauty, or bringing about mutual understanding”. As Sophists offered rhetorical studies, they took pride in their ability to teach the proper care of others’ personal affairs so all could manage their household and States affairs well. These skills allow people to improve upon their own life quality and help others gain new perspectives as well.

Rhetoric is intertwined with the technique of persuasion, which is used in the majority of people’s day to day lives. As the textbook suggests, one example of a common use of persuasion is in romance. As we attempt to seem appealing to someone we are attracted to, we construct a case of our positive qualities. Additionally, most business transactions and any form of negotiation, which many people make a living off of, all require persuasion efforts. As humans, we even persuade ourselves into believing or thinking certain things, also known as internal rhetoric. If rhetorical studies were to be cut out of the educational system, students would never acquire an understanding the background behind conversations they take part in every day or how to improve these conversations at all.


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