Voice and Audience

I am very interested in this idea of voice and writing for an audience because it is a topic that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I read a great deal of online articles on various subjects, and I have been wondering in recent years exactly why I find them so much easier and more enjoyable to read than many of the things I have to read for school. I believe there are a number of reasons that contribute to this, but I think a great deal of this has to do with voice and audience. The articles I read for school are written in an a very professional voice and are meant for an academic audience. While I am not incapable of reading or even enjoying such an article, I always find the article I read in my free time to be far more engaging. They are very often written informally, for an audience comprised of people like me. They are meant to be for ordinary people reading for interest, not scholarship. I find the easy going tone and simple everyday language to be comforting, and it helps me move along in my reading. This thought often comes to mind while I am writing papers for school. I sometimes feel that I could get my point across in a simpler and clearer manner if I did not feel restricted to write in such a professional tone. Though I do understand why I am required to, I still feel as though I am a better writer when my voice is free.

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