Today’s Technology

As I have become more in tune with technology I have also begun to consider more deeply it’s effect on both myself and others. Which is why I was very interested in the Carr article we read. It speaks to an experience that I find myself going through, the inability to focus. I think it is true that today’s technology is changing how we think, but I do not believe it is necessarily a deterioration, and I do not it is purely the fault of the technology itself. As with just about anything, I think any issue there might be lies with people. How people choose to use technology is extremely important. Technology offers us certain capabilities, and we then decided how to employ them. Sometimes people abuse technology, which then creates the problem. For example, as we discussed in class, people often spend too much time in their phones and do not necessarily interact with other people the same way in person. That is a social condition we created because technology allows us to, not because it forces us to. There have of course been devices and apps created that rely on the way people use them, but that still stems from humans, not the technology itself. Technology does not force people to use it in any particular way. It offers a great deal, and it is people who decide what they will do will that.


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