Real Majors and Best Use of Time

I have been lucky that my life is not filled with people who would belittle my choice to be an English major, but I know many other who are not so lucky. Some people say that English majors will never find jobs, that it is not a worthwhile field, and the like. These are generally the same people who value science or business fields as the most useful or valuable. Yet I can not believe that those same people would like to live in a world without the contributions of English majors. I could not help but think as we discussed this topic in class of the conversations of have had with people concerning my choice of career. As I said, I have not met anyone who has discouraged me, yet when I tell them that I spend my breaks not with a job or an internship but working on my writing, I have had some less than supportive remarks. It reminds me of our discussion of valuable fields of study versus those deemed less so. In these people’s eyes, my time would be better spend doing a “real” job or in a unpaid internship, despite the fact that I have chosen to become a professional writer. In my eyes spending as much time as I can justify working toward my career is the best use of my time.  Yet just as some would consider my studying creative writing a waste of time. so would they my working on it.


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