What Should A Writing Class Teach?

I think a writing class should teach the basics of grammar and sentence structure, as well as different styles of writing. Learning the basics of writing is necessary for all aspects of life, so it would only make sense to incorporate grammar usage within a writing class. Perhaps how in-depth grammar rules and writing styles are taught would depend on the level of education the student is in. For example, elementary writing classes would include sentence structure and grammar rules. Middle school writing classes would teach students different styles of writing, like a book report, a science lab, and a reflection piece. Once at the high school and college level, a writing class would involve teaching students how to develop their own style of writing, as well as explore the various genres of writing like editorials and news updates. Also in college, I think a writing class should begin to analyze works of pieces from various time periods to see how writing has evolved throughout the years and if any patterns have be demonstrated within the text. Maybe if writing classes were structured in this way, and required at every level, the apprehension students have towards writing various different types of paper will lesson, if not disappear. Writing does not have to be this “pulling teeth” process, but rather a fun exploration into the use of words to convey a message and inform or persuade an audience.


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