Define “Real”

This is a very hot topic for class discussions and that shows this is an emotional subject. No one likes hearing they are in a “fake” major. What a blow to a person’s confidence. Whether or not that student independently chose a major or a parent urged them to go down a particular path, insinuating that a major is fake is basically telling that student that everything they’re working towards has no value. Personally, I feel a lot of the creative majors get the most flack for being “fake.” If only I had a dollar every time I heard someone say an art major isn’t practical. The art and design majors hold a special place in my heart, and it absolutely kills me that creative jobs aren’t necessarily paid the same amount or seen as valuable as jobs in the science and mathematical fields. Every person has their own set of special talents, whether it is artistic capabilities or being mathematically gifted. Why should one talent not be considered valuable over the other?  All majors should be treated equally, because they each carry out special responsibilities in society. We are always going to need designers, teachers, doctors, artists, mathematicians, scientists and the like. On campus, respectfulness towards all majors needs to be a new trend.


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