Male vs. Female communication

When we had a discussion in class about how men and women communicate, there was no argument regarding how there is a significant difference between the two genders. In my opinion, one of the biggest differences between how men and women communicate is that often times, men communicate to share information and women communicate to share feelings. Of course this isn’t always the case, but I believe many people could relate to this, especially guys. Between men, we fear to answer the infamous “How do I look?” question from our girlfriends. I had trouble answering this question to my girlfriends in the past and even got into trouble for answering it wrong. To this question, I don’t dare to point out a flaw and a simple answer of “you look good” can sound like I don’t care enough. If men ask the same question, we ask simply because we want to know if we look good or not. But when women ask this question, I feel like they want something more than just the answers to the asked question. Also, I feel like conversation between men can be very dull compared to conversation between women. When men have conversation, we are blunt and straight to the point. But when women have conversation, many times there are layers to the conversations that goes deep and could sometimes have different meanings than what is said. I’m not saying any one is better than the other, but it is clear that there is a significant difference between how men and women communicate.


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