Social Media: Not all Doom and Gloom

I was reading an interesting article in which a journalist who had recently written a novel We Are Smarter than We Think details the positive outcomes of the Internet and social media. Clive Thompson argues,

“So what is it that these tools can do differently, that is unique to them? Well, one good example is allowing children to write for this incredible, global audience. When kids are writing a paper for a teacher, they sort of don’t care, because they know the teacher doesn’t care, they are being paid to read this, it’s just an assignment and a grade. But as soon as you connect them with an authentic audience, the same way adults do on blogs and Twitter, the kids completely throw themselves into the work.”

I believe that he does pose a point, that as long as these matters of social media are controlled in educational settings, they can pose as a beneficial learning tool for the youth of our nation. Additionally, while using these platforms of social media, teachers can attach lessons on controlling access to social media, and how to responsibly use it. That way, students can possess certain tools to better protect themselves from the social anxieties that the Internet can harbor.


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