Discrepancies of What to Study in College is a ‘Major’ Problem

Back to our discussion on January 16th, we were discussing the stigmas that are attached to an array of majors when in college. I personally have been affected by this, as one day I was in the ISE lab, and I heard a group of nursing majors making some disparaging comments about the English major, and how they have to do so much more work, and what they will end up doing with their lives will make a real difference in the world. While I truly believe that nurses are a wonderful resource and should truly be respected, I could not help but find what they were saying offensive. It made me being to think again that the major that we choose depends on what we are good at and what we can envision doing successfully–maybe not right away, but someday in the future. I do not think that there is a sufficient way to measure success or if what we are doing with the knowledge we have acquired from school is ‘making a difference’. Every major is important in its own right, and it does not make for a cohesive existence if there are stigmas and prejudices attached to each of them like crude labels. I began to think of ways that these relations could be improved, and began to think about the FYE class that UD offers. I thought that there could be a chapter of the class devoted to why it is important that the university makes us take breadth requirements, and the reasoning behind it. Even though I do not know how this would play out on a grand scale, I believe the effects would be beneficial in that it would teach tolerance and a readiness to accept and embrace other majors and spheres of learning different than what a particular student might be pursuing.


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