Today in class we talked about plagiarism and explored the different issues involving it.  In high school we always used sites such as that would detect plagiarism.  I was not a fan of this site, no matter what I wrote, cited or not, it always seemed to say that it was not “fully” my work.  This caused me so much stress, I was not meaning to take others work or ideas.  I then noticed that even if I quoted others work it still was detected.  I believe that teachers, especially in high school, use these sites to scare the students and make sure that they are not just copying a full essay and submitting it.  In my opinion, I think that it can be difficult to write a paper and have it completely be your own thoughts.  Although you may think that you are creating an original argument, it is very likely that someone out there has also written a paper about this subject.  I also find it difficult because at times I may unconsciously write something very close to what I previously read.  When writing a research paper I believe that is it very important to read the sources I am using at a full, then closing it and writing what I think in my own words. Then you can go back and add quotes in places that you believe need them.  I do believe that plagiarism is wrong and is a problem in our society today with all of the information available on the Internet, but I do find it difficult to detect what may actually be plagiarism because of this as well.


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