The Non Social Media

After reading Carr’s article, Is Google Making Us Stupid?, the passage that struck me the most was the analysis of human and computer interaction from the movie, 2001. I could not help but relate that scenario to the present day. How many times do you see people walking down the street and everyone is on their phone, looking down, acting like machines as they head on to their next destination. God forbid if people actually talk to the person next to them, making a human connection instead of an electronic one. We hide behind these blocks of wires and glass, sending out “LOL,” and yet our facial expressions don’t change as we hit send. At times when I am scrolling through social media feed, there will be post after post of photos or videos about an exciting trip, a fun concert, or a funny exchange, all seen through a block of glass. Did any of these people actually enjoy these moments? Put the phone down! Why must we care about showing others the “great times” we are having? What happened to taking photos for ourselves and for our own memories? When did it become ok to publicly smear vacation photos on every single social media platform? And for what gratification do we receive other than a “like?” What does this “like” enable us to feel? We cannot save this “like,” have a conversation with it, or go out to lunch with it. All we have at the end of the day is the final number of these likes with our photos online. The once physical remembrance of the wonderful vacation we wanted everyone to think we had is now lost in the digital world.


One thought on “The Non Social Media

  1. I really like your take on this, Katie! It’s crazy to think about just how much human interaction is changing as a result of the digital age. But, I think awareness of the problem is an important step, so at least we have that down.

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