Do Men and Women Communicate Differently?

The media tends to portray a very stereotypical explanation as to how men and women communicate. In movies, television shows and books, men and women are often shown communicating in a very formulated manner. Men are portrayed as very confident communicators, often making the first interaction with a stranger, persuading a group of peers, or speaking up to a person of authority. Women are portrayed in a more emotional manner, with their style of communication shown during one-on-one conversations showcasing a much more personalized and relatable tone. I have seen countless movies where the shy, emotional girl is too timid to talk to the popular, outspoken boy she has a crush on (aka Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries). When the question was first asked in class, my initial reaction was, of course, men and women communicate differently. Quickly I realized I was buying into the stereotype the media has made seem “normal.” Thinking rationally, it would make sense that communication varies from person to person, not gender to gender. I would think the way a person communicates is largely based on his or her upbringing, personality traits, as well as the individual he or she is communicating with. Bottom line, we are all people with feelings, interests, and dreams and the way we communicate should not be put into stereotypical categories based on gender.



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