Higher education vs. Experience

Often times when I’m having conversation with my parents about my future and my career path, I find myself arguing with them. My parents strongly believe that higher education is a MUST in the field of business and MBA degree is the new Bachelor’s degree. Only having a Bachelor’s degree is not enough to stand out amongst other thousands of applicants and I would have much better chance of getting a successful job with an MBA degree. To a certain extent, I understand what they are telling me and believe that they have a valid argument, however, I see much more value in investing my time into getting an experience in the actual career field. Going through graduate school feels like a great waste of time that could be spent on getting an experience that will help me in real life. I believe that through experience, I can learn the things that matters in order to do my daily tasks such as getting comfortable with the office software, how to handle unexpected situations and many other specific things that can’t be learned from textbooks. In economics, there is a very simple yet very effective, self-explanatory approach to making a tough decision called Cost-Benefit Analysis. Using this method, it is clear to me that going through grad school has a high cost (tuition and time) with benefit (employment) that is not guaranteed.


2 thoughts on “Higher education vs. Experience

  1. I have had the same argument with my parents and I completely agree with you Jae! It is very important to look at the Cost-Benefit Analysis of the situation you are in and compare the pros and cons. Personally, I am on your side. I believe that working in the field you would like to pursue after graduating is a better option. As you said, this will give you experience in the field and may even help you decide if you would like to further your education with it. Have you talked to your parents about how some places will then pay for your to get your higher education and MBA degree after working for them? I have talked to many people who have done this and have found it to work out very well! I know arguing with parents can be tough, hope everything works out for the best!

  2. I feel as though I have had a similar experience as well. I want to be a writer and I feel that writing is the best way to go about that. Thus I don’t want to go to grad school, even though everyone says I should. I don’t doubt that I would learn a lot, but there comes a point where formal education can only take you so far. You then have to start on your career path and learn as you go. When is up to you, but I wish you the best regardless.

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