Finding your own voice

When we had a discussion in class about what is more important between finding one’s voice and mastering academic discourse, I did not have an immediate answer. While I strongly agree with every individual having their own voice and being able to express them freely, I also value the importance of academic discourse and how it could improve and strengthen one’s writing. But more I thought about the question, I realized which one I valued more. We live in a structured world with rules and regulations that help us function fluently as a society. Even though we live within this structure, we build our own characteristics and become a specific individual. I know this is a very very far stretch, but I believe that this idea can be applied when it comes to literature and finding one’s own voice. Through academic discourse we learn how to write properly, express thoughts in a clearer way and acquire techniques that help paint more vivid images. And along the way, you develop your own style of writing, figure out what techniques you want to use and what not to use, find out how you can express your ideas in your own way, and find your own voice. Instead of viewing academic discourse as a cage that restricts writer from expressing freely, I see it as a tool that enhances writing. So, to answer the question from the class discussion, I believe writing class should put more emphasis on how to master academic discourse.


One thought on “Finding your own voice

  1. Hi Jae! I find your argument to be very interesting and in many ways agree with your conclusion. As you stated, academic discourse should be seen as a tool which will only enhance our own way of writing. In other words, as someone said, “learn the rules so you know how to break them.” Not encouraging rule breaking, but as the quote suggests, learning the basics and building a strong foundation of anything only enhances the outcome of that said thing as it influences our very own innate creativity. Thanks Jae!

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