The Importance of Eloquence

As we went over in class last week times have changed in reference to the importance on spoken words as opposed to written words. Spoken word, or eloquence, was thought to be the deciding factor in which a person was declared to be well educated or not. In today’s education system most English classes are writing based and more importance is focused on a persons writing skill. In most high schools and universities public speaking classes are an elective and not required at all. Which I for one think is ridiculous because with less focus on speaking and more on writing it leads to a negative effect on face to face communication and public speaking skills. Since writing has become so popular whether it’s writing online, or using a pen and paper in a class, we lose the experience in getting out there and talking to one another or speaking in front of a crowd. We spend more time hiding behind a pen and paper or computer and start to lose interpersonal skills. I also think basing a person’s education level on speaking or writing isn’t necessarily fair. A person can be well educated because of the experiences they’ve been through in life. It isn’t all about being book smart. Like we discussed in class, book smart can only get you so far. Having experience, or street smarts, is very valuable and necessary in everyday life. I don’t think you can compare peoples education levels to one another or using a set scale because peoples levels vary in many different ways and really aren’t comparable. I loved the quote Robyn mentioned in class said by Einstein because it fit this topic perfectly, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


One thought on “The Importance of Eloquence

  1. Hey CKAPLAN( not sure who this is, hehe). Thank you for this insightful post! A hot spot I found in you post where you say: “We spend more time hiding behind a pen and paper or computer and start to lose interpersonal skills” is very much true. Just like class when Prof. tried to comprehend how easily it is for some people to be distracted by social media/texting when in the presence of a companion. Technology has proved to be an efficient and essential tool for our daily routines, but is it causing us to be inhumane? When I say inhuman, I mean, are we trying into some sort of system that only communicates online, shunning physical communication? And if so, I really wonder what communication is going to be like in the near future.Hopefully it doesn’t limit us to just systems.

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