Is English a Subject?

An interesting question that was brought up today in class that led to an important discussion was the topic of English as a class. What defines English? Is it a subject? This is a hard question, because I think that there are many aspects of English as a subject. I consider it to be a very broad idea, because I believe English is applicable to every other “subject” that we study in school. It is the foundation of our language and the way that we communicate. Communication is a key component in being successful in school, and without learning the basics of English, we would not be able to move ahead in our education development. I believe that there are different sections of the English subject that are divided into classes that students can take in school, for example, a writing course, a reading course, a journalism course, or a research methods course. The variety of classes help students zone in on specific skills that are appropriate to be learned for other subjects. In science classes, communication classes, and or any other subjects, the material being taught is different, but a research paper could be assigned to each one. Students would then use the skills learned in their English writing classes to efficiently write a paper. I think it is important for English to be learned, no matter the type of way, because without it, how would we communicate?

2 thoughts on “Is English a Subject?

  1. When we were first asked if it was a subject my initial response was that I believe it is more or larger than a subject because of how much it is used. Then I questioned how one may define a “subject” and what can be considered one. Is it just what is offered in school? I agree with the comment you made about how without learning the basics of English, we would not be able to move on with our education. It is a key component to all other subjects and is used in everyday life all the time. Without knowing English it would not only be very difficult to succeed with your education, but I believe, also with everyday tasks such as communicating with the outside world.

  2. I agree with many of your points, Danielle! It is sometimes overwhelming to think about how much this concept of English can relate to so many other aspects of our daily lives. I remember in my high school, in an effort to improve the English department as a whole, teachers and faculty supervisors created a portfolio with which we had to use throughout all four years of high school. On the opening flap of the portfolio, it had a spreadsheet that had a list of various genres of reading/writing on it with corresponding boxes that we would put the date of completion for that specific type of writing piece. Just to name a few, we had to have poetry, creative writing, research writing, and journal entries. This ensured that we were gathering experience in various areas of writing. Each subject throughout high school was required to have a literacy component to it as well. English is a blanket concept that is so important to anything and everything that we do!

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