Differences Between Men and Women Communicating

In class last week we discussed if we think men and women communicate differently. There is no question in my mind that we do. After living with both my dad and brother for over 20 years there are so many differences that I’ve gotten used to in our communication techniques that I don’t notice anymore, but looking back I realize occur frequently. We touched on in class that women tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Women are more open with their emotions and their actions usually reflect their current emotional state where as most men don’t communicate with emotion at all. For example, when interacting with my dad or brother if something is upsetting me I let them know immediately but if it’s the other way around and they’re bothered by something they usually hold it in and won’t bring it up until days later. This seems to be the trend with most of my guy friends as well; they are not very willing to discuss their emotions. Another way that women and men differ is that women sometimes will end their statements open-ended or with a question because they don’t want to come off too strong or over confident. Where as, men like to portray themselves as powerful as they can and even if they’re unsure about something they will say it with complete confidence. I feel there is much smoother communication between men and men and women and women. This is because when women are open and honest about their emotions with each other it is normal to them. But, when they are that way with men, the men feel they are disclosing too much unnecessary information. With men communicating with one another, being straightforward and not as emotional seems normal to them and neither of them read into it because they’re both doing it. Most times with women and men, if men are short and to the point because they feel that’s all that needs to be said, women read into it and question if there is a problem. These are just a few of the reasons I feel men and women differ when communicating.


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