What should a writing class teach?

An important discussion that we had in class today was started off with a question about what should a writing class teach, whether in college or high school. The first few things that popped into my head right away that I think are very important to be including in a writing class are grammar, sentence structure, and precise writing skills. One of my classmates mentioned the concept of “developing ideas,” which I agree in that I think this is an important idea to be included in a writing class. I think grammar and sentence structure are extremely important, because no matter what or who your writing for, grammar is the main key to good writing. Whether it is for you job, your social media, your family, or to communicate your message in the best way, you need to have grammar skills. Without advanced knowledge in grammar, I think that your writing will not be valued as much from your audience. I also think that learning how to write precisely is specifically important for my major, and eventually the career path that I want to pursue. I am a communications major, looking to go into the field of public relations, so this is very important. Precise and clear writing allows you to get your message across quickly and efficiently, so this can allow you to reach your audience in the most effective way.


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