What Should A Writing Class Teach?

I think that a writing class should teach students a fair combination of both how to find their own voices and how to master academic discourse. While unfortunately the majority of today’s learning in schools is “teaching to the test”, it is also necessary in my opinion to be able to teach students how to find their own voices. Some of our best-known authors convey their voices in magical ways and they all began as students in an elementary classroom at one point or another. Who is to say that the most creative writers do not know that they want to be writers until they find their own voices at the young age of elementary school? It is my hope as a future educator that I get rid of the sense of negativity that develops as a result of reading and writing in 2nd/3rd/4th grade. If I provide my students with the opportunity to free write as well as expose them to various genres, I know that this will facilitate in each student finding their own voice. While I also recognize that this idea of “teaching to the test” might be out of my hands and control, I will make certain that I incorporate such varying writing prompts used to find students’ voice as I simultaneously accomplish the main task of test preparation. The 3rd grade classroom in which I was placed in this past semester focused on writing, but mainly writing related to their test-based curriculum. I would like to push the idea of free writing and I hope to do so in my 4th grade classroom this upcoming semester!


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