Today in class we began with discussing what we all believe a writing class should teach students, how to find their own voice or how to master academic discourse. At first I found myself caught in the middle, knowing both were important but questioning which one is more essential. I came to believe that a writing class should teach students more about how to find their voice rather than master academic discourse. Although learning the academic discourse is definitely important and should be taught I believe that the focus should be finding their voice. I think that finding ones voice is better off in the long run, it will teach you things that can be used in the real world on an everyday basis. I also believe that learning your voice is more personal and sentimental, you find something about yourself and can value it rather than learn something just to “master” it. Everyone has a different voice; it is what makes you unique. Finding your voice and portraying it in your writing will also help you master academic discourse in your own way. Once you find your own voice it enables you to question and find a new take on your academic discourse. I think that it is a talent to be able to portray your thoughts and views in writing and have the reader know exactly who wrote it. Personally, I have not taken many writing classes and feel that I am still finding my voice in my writing. I find different pieces such as narratives to be easier to do this but I am still working on illustrating myself in all of my writing. How would y’all describe your voice?

Also, found this quote and thought I’d share is: “Finding your voice is a process, a journey to the center of you.” – April Erwin


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