Stresses of Social Media

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way people communicate with one another. In today’s generation, most people have some platform of social media whether it is Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin. While social media is an excellent way to share life moments with far away family members or get a message across quickly, it has taken over our lives. As discussed in class, people feel a different kind of stress when it comes to social media. It is known that there are different moments throughout the day when more people are on social media, therefore you need to wait for the perfect time to post in order to get the most amount of likes possible. I have a friend from home who will even delete a post on Instagram and then repost the same picture later for more likes. Social anxiety takes over. However, what I think is baffling about using social media is that our communication suffers the more we use it. This is comical because the purpose is to connect us with our friends and family. Unfortunately, people have become so obsessed with social media that they would rather sit and scroll through Facebook than go out with friends and create new memories. In addition, social media has made conversations shorter. People use phrases like lol or idk, but that is only the beginning. Using the internet to express thoughts shortens the message and lessens the impact. For instance, the other day a girl from our university posted her UDance link online with just the word “Donate!” How will we know what we are donating to unless she verbalizes the cause? Is social media taking communication in the wrong direction? Sometimes, I would have to say yes, it absolutely does.


3 thoughts on “Stresses of Social Media

  1. Emily, you make some great points in this post! I can’t even stress enough how many times a day I catch myself spending hours at a time just scrolling on social media like Facebook, or Instagram trying to “catch up” on whats going on with friends or family. I get so engulfed in what everyone else is doing I waste time that I could be spending making my own memories. I agree that people are losing their ability to communicate successfully with others face- to- face and thats one of the negative repercussions of the importance we put on social media now a days. However, there are many positives to social media like you touched upon. For instance, because I saw on Facebook that one of my old neighbors works for a radio station and reached out to her about possible summer job opportunities, I now have an interview and potential position there. I never would’ve made that connection with out Facebook! So, we can’t totally bash social media. The main issue, which you touched on perfectly, is that we need to balance our time catching up on social media and getting out there and living our lives!

  2. I completely agree with your post about social media, Emily. It saddens me when I watch the young kids that I babysit obsess over who decided to follow them on Instagram that day instead of feeling excited about things that should be exciting to a ten year old. When I was ten years old, I played with my friends in the swing set that I had in my backyard. As I got older, the swing set in my backyard became used more by my baby cousins. As my cousins grew older, instead of wanting to play in my backyard on the slide or on the monkey bars, they began to ask my mom for the wifi password in my house so that they can use their iPod touch to play games and message friends on social media platforms. Not only are these things occurring all around me, but more and more research studies have come out recently that share the negative effects that social media has on this generation. I appreciate those families who I babysit whose mom limits screen time, as she understands the negative impact that all of these applications have on kids. PLAY OUTSIDE WITH YOUR KIDS!!!!!

  3. I love that you incorporated the term “social anxiety” in the mix of your content regarding the downside of social media. The social media platforms we interact with on a day to day basis play a massive role in the way we habitually think, read, and write. Rarely as a society do we collectively acknowledge the negative effect this constant communication presents to users. Without any doubt our generation has become accustomed to communicating with brevity, perhaps we choose to disseminate information at the same rate in which we consume it, instantaneously. Google, Zappos, Netflix, and Facebook all share the commonality of providing instant access of content to users. However, the unique role social media brings to the immediate gratification table is the ability to tap into our self esteem. Rather than providing instant access to information, social media feeds us instant approval from others. Exactly as you stated, the social anxiety exhibited through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. has the potential to consume not only our thoughts, but a large portion of our actions as well.

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