My College English Classroom Utopia

Due to a class discussion on what a college English classroom should teach, I’m proposing this Utopian English Classroom. All the requirements in this class  is based on solely my OWN personal experiences with English classes, so this might work for me or anyone else who has had similar experiences.

P.S. For the love I have for Shakespearean language, all my requirements/suggestions will be written in so, using a mildly exaggerated Shakespearean translator tool.

  1. For Heaven’s sake, to death with limits on papers, lest my creativity dies
  2. “Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?” Young lads, it shall be required of you all-est to speak out thy writings. We shall listen with our ears. Make haste!
  3. Ye all shall read countless of enlightened texts which ye shall enjoy and have a connection with. By Heavens, thou nor your money spent on this class shall be in vain.
  4. Ye shall be required to visit the theaters, operas, debates forums, and casual salons to improve on the deliverance of thy speech
  5. Ye shall stumble on my counsel following the return of ALL assigned papers.
  6. Ye shall make me drunk in a thousand words of they tongue’s utterance (class dicussions)

Basically, I hope for the English class to have a creative and open platform for Writing, Speaking, and Reading (no textbooks/novels will be wasted). By visiting the creative arts forum, students will be given the chance to more about various ways to improve their oral delivery. I also think it’ll be beneficial for students to meet with their professors to discuss every assigned paper after it has been graded. I believe it’ll create a more open space for the student and professor to discuss the ideas and theories at hand rather than just online comments. Lastly, more creative ways of discussion (such as the  Fish-Bowl) should be implemented in the class so EVERY voice can be heard.

And with that, I bide you adieu!

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