Men vs. Women Communication

In class we discussed the question of whether men and women communicate differently, and if so, what are the differences? I would definitely agree with my classmates and say that there are a variety of differences in the ways that men and women communicate. One of the obvious ideas that stood out to me was that when men speak, they tend to typically sound forceful, confident and manly. When women communicate, they tend to speak more softly, emotionally, and thoughtful. I feel this is because the typical stereotype of a man is to come off as manly and strong. Even when we are very young, I believe it started to become the norm of boys to not show weakness, rather than a young girl who could cry about something and would get comfort right away. I feel this is just what we are taught in our society and we are brought up on this notion. Even though not all men and women communicate exactly this way, I think that if whether you are a woman or man and you do not communicate like the social norm tells you to, then you could be looked at as different, or almost an outcast. I think that this is an interesting idea to think about, because sometimes we do not even realize that we are taught at a very young age how different genders are supposed to communicate, and tend to think this is the correct way to do it for the rest of our lives.


2 thoughts on “Men vs. Women Communication

  1. You make an interesting point, Danielle. People certainly look at others differently if they do not communicate along with social norms. Do you think that is why people are sometimes bothered by feminists? These women stand out trying to take a stand for their gender and maybe society wants to push back? Personally, I have a friend who is an outright feminist and my male friends just tell her to be quiet and make sexist comments like “get back in the kitchen.” It is a shame that norms are the way that they are because men can certainly be sensitive. However, when they act this way, people tend to see them as weaker or “girly.” In addition, when a girl does something that a boy would typically enjoy, they are said to be butch. Stereotypes are unfortunately stopping progress in today’s day.

  2. I think you make a great point when touching on the fact that communication techniques between men and women tie into social norms. In one of my previous communication classes we discussed how men are supposed to come off confident and manly, just like you said. And because of this when communicating with others they do what they can to be portrayed in that light, which can seem forceful, especially compared to women who are usually more thoughtful and emotional. I also was intrigued how you brought up the part about girls crying and getting immediate comfort. It’s interesting how girls can cry in public and it’s seen as normal in a sense because us girls are “so emotional” , however when boys do it it’s thought of as abnormal. Not very fair in my perspective!

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