Finding Your Voice

Today in class we discussed whether a writing class should teach students to find their voices or if it should teach them how to master academic discourse. Initially my immediate answer was that students should be taught how to find their voice. Starting in elementary school when we first start learning to write essays we are taught a certain structure we need to follow and if we stray from it in the slightest our grade would be penalized. I don’t feel that’s the correct way to go about teaching students to write. I feel students would benefit more if they were taught to write however they felt they could get their point across and not try to just write to fulfill a certain guideline. This would give writing a more fun aspect rather then having it start to feel like just an assignment, or a chore right off the bat. Students would have the freedom to express themselves and things they aren’t able to express in speaking. Teaching students their writing has to fit specific guideline and rules strips the fun out of writing for them and takes away their voice. If writing classes were designed first to give students the chance to find their voice and then later tied in teaching the student the correct grammar, punctuation, etc. to use they would get more out of it. They would also be more willing to learn to improve because of how much they learned to enjoy writing. In addition, with that students would be learning both how to find their voice and how to master the academic discourse portion.


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