Education versus Experience

Young adults fresh out of college tend to have trouble finding jobs because they require a lot of experience. But how are you supposed to get that experience if you have been in school your whole life, not working? In class we discussed briefly whether we feel furthering one’s education is more useful in the long run rather than getting more experience earlier on. I think this is very dependent on your major. For example, majors in the health field must have graduate level education because it is very important to master all aspects of their field. I am an occupational therapy major, and I could not be certified without a master’s degree. This further education is clearly necessary, because I would not know how to do my job without it. Part of this graduate program, besides just taking classes, is field work. This allows me to learn through experience as I earn a degree. I don’t have to choose between education and experience; I get to do both. However, I think for business majors, early experience is more necessary. After an undergraduate degree, it is very valuable to get into the field as soon as possible and work your way up from there, learning as you go.  I believe that many employers focus more on your experience than your degree in business type majors as opposed to health based majors.


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