Considering Your Audience on Social Media

Yesterday in class we touched upon the topic of posting on social media. The main social media sources we discussed were Facebook, Snapchat, and Instgram. We were debating whether or not people think about their audience when publishing posts. I feel that it depends on the form of social media and how many people are able to see someone’s post. For a platform like Facebook, typically a person has friends, family, co-workers, old professors, etc that are ‘friended’ to them. Because of this they seem to monitor more closely what gets posted on their page from others and what they decide to share themselves. So, in this case the audience is heavily considered. However, for social media such as Snapchat or Instagram, which are becoming more popular, this is not always the same. They are more prevalently used by the younger generations in a way to communicate with one another. Most of the older generations aren’t apart of the movement. Because parents, relatives, or teachers aren’t a consideration the users are not as selective with what gets published for others to see. We also touched on if people are strategic with the timing of posting online. When using social media if someone wants more people to see what they are posting they may wait to post later in the day or at night when they feel more people will have time to log on and check social media. This tied into our reading for the day because we went over how writing has evolved so much from using just a pen and paper to get your ideas out. Writing has moved to being done on a computer using programs like Word, to being published straight to the Internet on blogs, and moving from blogs to other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


One thought on “Considering Your Audience on Social Media

  1. You make excellent points, Chelsea. Do you think social media weakens the rhetoric skills of this current generation? I know that I see friends of my own on Facebook who spell words wrong or use the wrong form of a word such as your when they mean to write you’re. This certainly turns me off from reading on in their post. Furthermore, when people post pictures on Facebook or Instagram that are inappropriate, this could take a toll on future job opportunities for that person. The text talks about visual rhetoric, which is what the photos posted to social media create. These photos are visual rhetoric about the person that you are, and you do not want others to view you based solely on that one “bad” picture.

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