What a Writing Class Should Teach

Being that my program is so structured, I am not allowed to take classes that are not connected to my major. Therefore, I have only taken the required two English classes while at UD: ENGL 110 and my second writing ENGL 209. While I did write in both classes, I do not feel that these classes enhanced my writing. In ENGL 209 the only writing we dabbled in was a product of reading a book. ENGL 110 only had research papers that had us polish our researching skills, and the writing was a side note. I believe that the main learning goal of a writing class should be to teach students how to clearly communicate ideas to one another. This will help the students to further their communication skills, which will help the students later on in life no matter their chosen career path. Clear writing helps to impart information and ideas that can help create successful resumes to hand to employers, help find a personal voice, and deliver ideas orally to an audience among other things. While it is important to teach students different parts of writing at an early age such as grammar, audience identification and different genres of writing, by the time students are taking college level writing classes the students need to know the importance of communication to live in the “real world.” Berlin’s main argument he was trying to impart to his audience was that teaching is a way of experiencing and knowing the world and by extension, communicating the world. Students need to understand how to write as clearly as possible to illustrate in their rhetoric how they view what is true about the world. When writing classes are all teaching students to find their voice and clearly communicate their ideas, our education system will truly be helping everyone out.


One thought on “What a Writing Class Should Teach

  1. Emily, you make a very interesting point about how you think a writing class should teach students clear writing skills, which leads to creating a successful resume. I had not thought about this before, but I agree with you and I feel that learning how to develop ideas and then being able to communicate them precisely, and effectively to your intended audience is extremely important. Without identification between the writer and his or audience, the true voice and message will not be fully understood. Clear communication is the key to becoming successful in your future career endeavors, because a number one skill that an employer looks for is great writing. Do you think that grammar plays a major role in developing those skills, and do you think that grammar is stressed enough in our classrooms? I think that it is interesting to see that although everyone believes grammar is so important, most of us have not had a grammar writing class since high school.

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