Social Media Etiquette

As we began to discuss in class, there are typically specific goals and techniques embedded within varying social media platforms. If you want to stay in touch with family and friends by sharing photographs or anecdotes of a journey, Facebook is most likely your best option. Twitter is selected to capture small (word count limit) moments and cute relatable quotes with or without an image to accompany it. Instagram, in my opinion, is the social media platform in which requires and invites the most strategy when posting. More specifically, users tend to think about their audience and when the best time would be to acquire “likes”. When is the best time to ensure that all of your followers see that delicious slice of pizza that you ate for lunch? How about that brand new outfit that you are wearing out at night?! Nobody is awake at 2:00 AM to see it when you feel the urge to post! I would have to say that the “hardest part” of Instagram is your witty caption selection, such as that corny but cute Big Ben pun that you have been itching to use since you found out that you would be going to London. Social media has become both a blessing and a curse in my opinion and certainly one of those concepts that seems peculiar to those who grew up in a much earlier time. As an elementary school teacher in the making, I wonder how these social media applications will impact my students in terms of their interpersonal skills and academic achievements.


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