Male vs. Female Communication

Another class discussion in which I found extremely interesting was the conversation we had following the prompt of: “Are there differences in how men and women communicate? If so, what are those differences? What explains those differences?” While of course this is the type of prompt in which could be discussed for hours and hours at a time, I think that those members of our class who contributed to this thought provoking question got it off to a good start. It’s a fascinating concept, the way in which men and women communicate individually. While I do not have the scientific background as to what makes us more emotional or less emotional, I can say and confirm that from my own two eyes and experience, men and women communicate differently. Women seem to be more forthcoming with their feelings as I have seen and men will sometimes hold back and not share their whole picture. As with most of the rhetorical questions we have posed to us within this course, a lot of the “answers” are situational. If a man is extremely passionate about something, he might choose to highly engage in a conversation about that specific theme. On the contrary, if a man lacks an interest in something else, you might not hear more than a few words from him. Additionally, a man might choose to “play it cool” in front of his friends about one of his love interests while a woman’s friends would know every detail about her crush and do everything in their power to try and make it happen for their friend. Do you all agree? Have you experienced something similar?


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