Real vs. Fake Majors

Today in class we discussed what we believe to be a real major.  At first I thought to myself, whichever ones are offered at school and lead to a career.  Then once we got into deeper conversations I realized this is a much broader argument.  Many people argue that the toughness or amount of tests or hours spent studying deciphers if a major is real.  I could not disagree more.  There are many majors that do not require you to take a test once a week yet you have to work at a school for an entire day or write multiple papers a week.  These majors are still not only hard but they also very important in the world.  There are also many majors that do not necessarily lead you to a specific job.  Although you won’t know exactly what you are doing once you graduate this is still a “real major”.  I believe that any major that teaches you something you are interested in and can use to benefit from or teach others is considered “real”.  There are many jobs needed in this world and it takes a certain type of person to not only work for a specific job, but also to do it well.


One thought on “Real vs. Fake Majors

  1. Carolyn, I definitely agree with you when you say that any major that teachers you something that you are interested in, and can later be used towards career is a “real major.” Some majors require long hours of studying for tests, and other majors require long hours of researching and writing papers. It does not matter what you are studying, each major will lead you to the career path that you are choosing. I am a communications major and I get the “your major is not real, or “what even is communications?” question a lot. Even though I may not be calculating math problems or becoming a doctor, I am learning the necessary skills to help me be successful after college. One argument is that if a major does not lead you to a specific job, than it is not real. Do you think it really matters if it leads to a specific type of job or not? I definitely do not think it matters, but how come this is such a heated argument?

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